Thank you to all our lovely customers who replied to our Questionnaire. By now you will have received a phone call from your representative to thank you and talk over and feedback.

There were some fantastic comments (both flattering and funny!) and some great feedback from you on ways in which we could improve our service to you.

What you Said

Out of a total mark of 10 you scored us on average:

9.2 Our speed of response to call back
9.8 How easy we are to deal with
8.4 Our price competitiveness
9.7 Our speed of delivery
9.5 The variety of products
9.6 Our Overall Service

What Differentiates Us from our Competitors?

You Said:

  • Competititve discounted prices
  • Staff – friendly, helpful, personal, good product knowledge, try harder than others.
  • Easy to deal with – good customer service, problems sorted quickly, efficient
  • Cuddly Toys!
  • Source unusual stock
  • Good online
  • Best in area
  • Easy to contact
  • Local
  • Next Day Delivery

What are the main reasons you use OfficeStar?

You Said:

  • Service (this was the top answer)
  • Competitive Price
  • Staff – helpful, efficient, friendly, polite, easy to deal with, competent, knowledgeable, good sales technique
  • Delivery – speedy, free, urgent deliveries given priority
  • Products – Good choice, quality
  • Cuddly Toys ! (again!)
  • Easy online ordering
  • Convenience
  • Local

What Could We Do Better?

You Said:

  • Better/smaller packaging
  • More low prices
  • Told when goods are out of stock
  • Point out cheaper alternative
  • More monthly/special offers
  • Larger range of tea/coffee/drinks
  • More cheaper ink cartridges
  • Price orders for purchase orders

We are currenlty working to resolve and improve on these points – thank you for being so honest.

Would you refer us to Another Business?

A whopping 100% of you said YES! (oh- apart from one person who thought it would be a good joke to say no! You know who you are!)
We are still running our Recommend Another Business offer where you can receive a £30 credit note, £30 in Shopping Vouchers or 3 Cuddly Toys! Please speak to us for more information.

The Competition Prize Winner

The WINNER of the FREE Prize Draw Competition for an IPOD was thrilled to receive her prize but didnt want to be named. All we can tell you is she works in a well known tyre associated company in Lydney, Glos!