Office Stationery on a Budget

Is your budget being stretched to the limit?

Have you been given the task of finding a cheap alternative stationery supplies?

If so, we have the answer!

Our own brand of products is called 5 Star. Now a well known and trusted brand in its own right, 5 Star produce quality stationery and office products at a unbeatable price. The 5 Star brand offers you a wide range of over 1200 popular stationery products for use in todays busy office. Most of the 5 Star stationery products comes with a full one year guarantee, but I am sure once you have experienced the quality of 5 Star office products and been pleased by the fantastic price, you wont be going back to your old brand. We always have great offers and deals available on our 5 Star range, so if you would like us to quote you for your office supplies and stationery, contact us on 01594 810081 or email us

NEW: 2013 We are pleased to be part of the 5 Star Charitable Trust venture. If you are a charity or are fund raising locally for a worthly cause, please contact us as you may be able to benefit from our 5 Star Charitable Trust fund. Please visit for more information.

Over 1200 5 Star office products across the range: