Paper Shredders

How To Buy Shredders

Everyone needs a shredder to protect against identity fraud. Criminals target individuals and businesses and the costs run into billions each year. Shredding documents that contain personal or sensitive information is the best way to prevent this crime. We offer a wide range of shredders from personal shredders ideal for single use users at home through to high performance, high volume machines designed for continuous use in large offices.

Select the correct product

To select the right product, think about how often the shredder will be used and the level of security required. Overloading your shredder and constant paper jams will reduce the working life of your machine, so always choose a shredder that can cope with the anticipated workload. Our shredders offer a range of security levels to choose from, the higher the DIN rating, the smaller the cut. If you are thinking of buying a Rexel Acco shredder please use our Shredder Selector to help you make your choice.

DIN security levels explained

Ribbon or straight cut machines shred the paper into unreadable strips. Confetti or cross cut machines shred the paper into smaller pieces providing higher security and reducing bulk waste.

Din Definition Cut
(sizes approximate)
Suggested Use
1 Basic Ribbon: +6mm Everyday documents – receipts View
2 Every Day Ribbon: 3.9 – 6mm Financial information View
3 Confidential Confetti: 4x50mm-2x50mm Sales data, personal and personnel documents View
4 Sensitive Confetti: 2x15mm Personal files View
5 Top Secret Confetti: 0.8x11mm Governments and military documents View

***Shredders require occasional maintenance. To keep the cutters in good condition and to ensure the shredder lasts, they should be oiled each time the waste bin or bag is emptied. Click here for oil, oil sheets and waste bags.

Home/Personal Shredders

Home/personal shredders are designed for light use by single users. They have a security level of DIN 1 and 2.

SOHO/Deskside Shredders

SOHO/Deskside shredders will cope with light to medium use by up to 5 users and typically have a security level of DIN 2 or above.

Office/Departmental Shredders

Office/Departmental shredders are designed for medium to heavy use with around 10 users. Security is usually DIN 3 or above.

Large Office Shredders

Large office shredders are for continuous heavy use and cope with large volumes daily. Security is typically DIN 3 and above.

To view our full range of shredders click here. If you are looking for a particular machine and cannot find it on our site please email us with the details of what you are looking for and we will do our best to source it and provide you with a quotation as quickly as possible.