Our aim is to meet your Office Furniture Needs

Furnishing your office is perhaps the most important purchase that your business will ever have to make. A well-planned and well-furnished office helps to create efficiency and visual appeal to all those who come into contact with it. It says your company is forward-thinking, successful and dynamic. It rewards your personnel with working areas they feel happy to be in, and is therefore a major source of staff retention and improved productivity.

How to choose Office Chairs and Seating

Seating is the most important purchase you will ever make for the office when it comes to ensuring the comfort and fitness of staff and promoting productivity. An average operator chair will travel more than 7 miles in a year’s normal use and will be in use 7-8 hours a day, 5 days a week. If you cannot find what you are looking for, or if you just need some advice please contact us and our sales team will be happy to help.

The Quality Balance

We have distinctive levels of quality and styling within our offering of seating products. To help you choose we have graded our products within bronze, silver and gold categories. Within these categories we have specialist seating types to meet particular needs – ergonomic and heavy use.

Safety Standards

This range now has a fire retardancy standard suitable for all your requirements. All of our seating products are covered with fire retardant fabric and foam tested to British Standard BS7176. This allows them to be used in offices, colleges, schools and hospitals, as well as in the home.

Matching Fabrics

Trexus and Trexus plus products all have matching fabric. All our other ranges have unique fabrics which only match exactly with other products within that range but are in complementary shades to other ranges we stock.

Chair Types

Executive/Managers Chairs

Larger chairs with tilt action movement

Operators Chairs

The most common chairs with the maximum number of adjustable features. They have adjustments to seat height and most also have back angle adjustment. The best all-round chair

Ergonomic and 24/7 Chairs

Operator or manager seating with additional lumbar support and/or heavy-duty mechanisms to allow for use over 24 hours

Multipurpose Chairs

Deskside, visitor, meeting room, conference room and training room use

Industrial and Specialist Chairs

Chairs for the most demanding environments such as warehouses and factories. We also feature specialist chairs such as high rise, anti-static operator and checkout seating

How to Choose Desking

In the working environment, the workstation is a key element to ensure efficiency and productivity. Floor space is expensive so you need to invest in furniture that makes the best use of what you have. Choose from the traditional rectangular desk, the radial desk that is the mainstay of the VDU operator and the wave desk that is ideal for the use of flat screen monitors.

We provide furniture that covers all levels of product, so you can choose what is right for your need:

BRONZE: Entry-level Desking – Trexus 18mm thick work surface. All you need to create your office – offered with four-legged traditional, cantilever and classic panel end leg styles.

Ranges include: Trexus Traditional, Cantilever, ClassicTercel Eyas RangeInflux Basics

SILVER: Mid-level Desking – Influx and Trexus Plus with 25mm work surfaces. All you need for the office with added strength

Ranges include: Influx Contract – Influx YoInflux CurvaTrexus Plus ClassicInflux Fiz

GOLD: Managers and Mid level Desking – See our Sonix and Elysium range for desking that gives you that little bit extra!

Ranges include Sonix – Cantilever, Style, Bench, and ModeElysium Manager

PLATINUM: Boom and Emperial all have the quality of our Gold product but with extra style and design to make the look of your office even more special

Ranges include: Sonix BoomEmperial


There are three basic leg options available:

Four Legged/Traditional

A strong, straight leg that is available for entry-level products


‘C’-framed metal legs that allow greater user movement. Some ranges have built in cable management.

Panel End/Classic

Solid wood-effect panel legs available on all levels of products

When ordering pedestals for radial desks please note that the hand desk you order is the end which accepts a 600mm desk high pedestal. Therefore, a left-hand radial will accept a 600mm desk high pedestal on the left of the desk and an 800mm desk high pedestal on the right of the desk. The opposite is true for a right-hand radial.

To bring you the best possible prices we have introduced more ranges of desking and storage to assemble yourself, but unlike ‘cash and carry’ our delivery service still applies.

How to Choose Partitioning Screens

The increasing growth of open plan offices and call centres has made screens ever more popular. Screens reduce optical distractions and disruptive noises. They are the essential in contemporary office planning.

Area Partition

Floor standing screens can separate departments, groups and provide individual isolation where required. Desktop screens divide a space in a more personal sense whilst still enabling group interaction.

Restriction of Optical Field

Restricting the field of vision eliminates optical distraction, enabling maximum efficiency. Screens are available in various heights and widths to create the right degree of visual privacy for the individual.

Audio Reduction

As well as visual distraction, screens can absorb acoustic distraction. The closer the screen is to the source of any noise, the greater the acoustic efficiency.

Free-Standing Floor Standing Screens 1500mm High

Desk Top Screens with clamps 450mm high

Linking Flat-Top Floor-Standing Screens (separate stabilising feet will be required for each screen if free-standing)

Linking Flat-Top Desk Top Screens 480mm

Linking Shape-Top Floor-Standing Screens (separate stabilising feet will be required for each screen if free-standing)

Linking Shape-Top Desk Top Screens 480mm

Curved Screens

How to Choose Steel Storage

The modern office demands elegant, strong, and efficient steel storage solutions to accommodate stationery, general supplies and of course the paper and media files that are essential to the smooth running of any business.

All the units we feature are among the best contract steel storage units. Amongst the features are fully welded carcases which are far superior to the cheaper options that are riveted and less robust. These units also carry valuable and extensive manufacturer’s guarantees and the reassurance that they are made by one of the world’s leading specialist manufacturers of steel storage products. The steel storage portfolio covers conventional filing cabinets, cupboards, tambour cupboards, multidrawers, lockers, pedestals, and security products. No matter how careful you are, sometimes keys get lost. By using our link with the specialist key supplier Lowe and Fletcher (0845 303 1034) you can quickly source replacement keys to access your Bisley and Trexus storage units. To order replacements you will need to quote product type, key series number (available from Bisley sales office on 01483 485600), purchase date and key/lock number. It’s all part of the quality customer care you get when you deal with the market leaders.

Your helpful guide to Steel Storage


A device that stops more than one drawer or pull-out frame in a storage unit being opened at a time. It avoids the danger of a unit becoming overbalanced and falling forwards onto a user.


Versatile steel drawer units with many drawers for a variety of storage needs.


Cupboards with shutter style doors taking up less space and providing a more effective method of storage than conventional filing cabinets.


These are extras that you can use to cleverly personalise how your steel cupboards work. They include pull-out shelves, pigeon-hole units and lateral filing rails.

Insert trays:

Small plastic trays that fit into multidrawer units and split the drawer into many smaller sections for the storage of smaller items.

Compressor plate:

An optional steel plate that will fit into filing cabinets and keeps a partly-filled filing cabinet tidy, as it keeps files pressed together.