Laminating Machines

Laminating is the best way to protect and preserve documents. Once laminated, documents become hardwearing, tamper-proof, water-resistant, hygienic and wipe-clean. Documents look brighter, more vibrant and colours are enhanced. Ideal for signs, price lists, safety notices, membership cards, certificates, maps, luggage tags and menus. Use this introduction to find the right system for you.

Pouch Laminators

Use laminating pouches to protect and seal documents, simply select the right size pouch for your document. Heat is used to seal the pouch and encapsulate the document, for a high quality professional finish. Select a model that can laminate your largest item. Ideal for all document sizes and a variety of pouch thicknesses.

Roll Laminators

Use laminating film on a roll rather than individual pouches. Two rolls of film are supplied as a pair and documents pass between the two layers. The laminated document is trimmed to size once the process is complete. Ideal for banners and volume production documents.

2 Roll Laminators

Available in A4 and A3 sizes, these laminators are suitable for light duty office use. Offering a cost effective solution for laminating, these models will have slower warm-up and operating speeds. Ideal for laminating 150 (2×75) micron and 250 (2×125) micron pouches.

4 Roll Laminators

Available in A4, A3 and A2 sizes, these laminators are suitable for medium to heavy duty use. Features are designed for frequent use with fast warm-up times, faster lamination and robust motors. Ideal for laminating 150 (2×75) micron up to 500 (2×250) micron pouches.

Cold Laminators

These are usually manual machines using self-seal pouches. Ideal for situations where power is not available, or for use by children as no heat is involved.

If you are looking for something that is not listed please contact us with your requirements and we will try and match your request.

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