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Fax Machine Facts!

Fax Machine (short for facimile machine) became popular around 1980 and was the fastest selling technology of its time. The first steps towards the fax machine were back in 1843 by an inventor called Alexander Bain. Other inventors worldwide were interested and subsequently modified the idea. Then in 1925 a French inventor called Edouard Beeline created the Belinogragh machine which was the prototype for the faxes we know today. In 1966 Xerox developed the machine and connected it to the phone line and smaller, cheaper, easier to use fax machines started to be produced.

Even with the new technology of today such as email & scanners the fax machine is still very much a part of many offices, such as solicitors and for ordering. It is invaluable for documents that require a signature and is a quick, easy and reliable process.

For the smaller office or home office a Thermal Fax machine is generally alot cheaper to run, but you will have to contend with the ‘curly’ paper when it gets to the end of the thermal fax paper roll!

If your office is fairly busy but you all use the same equipment, then a Multifunction print, scan, copy fax machine could be the answer.

For the larger busy office a Inkjet or Laser Fax Machine is a must. These use plain A4 paper, which is generally cost effective to buy but the inkjet or laser cartridges can sometimes be quite pricey. If you are using your fax machine for customers to send you orders, why not try using a coloured A4 paper in your fax machine which makes the documents easily identifiable on your desk.