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Digital Dictation

Digital Dictation is proven to streamline your working practices and reduce your document turnaround-times by offering many unique benefits, such as instant access to any part of the recording, quick data transfer via email or PC network and designed to work with the latest work-flow management and speech recognition systems.

Analogue Dictation Machines

A versatile range of stylish, portable dictation units, all of which have the following features:

Four position switch for easy one handed operation, super fast turbo wind, voice activation and end of tape warning record protection, audible scan and volume control, external power, earphone and microphone sockets, travel lock and 2 year warranty on Philips Pocket Memos.

Note Taking

Digital Voice Tracers are used for note taking. It is the most effective way of recording your thoughts whilst on the move. Designed for the sole user who doesn’t need to professionally dictate or who requires no secretarial support, the Digital Voice Tracer range is the complete memory jogger and comes with a range of helpful features.

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