Choosing the Right Printer

Black and White or Colour Printer?

If you are only using your printer for basic printing tasks in house (eg: text or business printing), or you do a lot of black and white printing, then a Mono Printer is the product for you.

Dot Matix Printer

If your requirements are for only black print such as ‘in house monthly reports’ or ‘delivery notes’ for instance, then you may find that if you buy dot matrix printer this will be the printer for you. They are real work horses and as the running costs of a dot matrix printer are usually considerably lower, then this will also save you money on consumables. Choose between a 9 pin dot matrix printer giving more speed or a 24 pin dot matrix printer giving a higher quality print. Print volume also needs to be decided, whether there is a requirement for a flatbed dot matrix printer for ergonomic front paper feed and A4 or up to A3 size paper. We have the full range of Epson Dot Matrix Printers available for delivery within 5 days, please see our dot matrix printer selector guide.

Inkjet or Laser Printer?

Inkjet Printers are ideal for small groups with low usage. They will be more compact in design and generally cost much less than laser printers. Also, if you are doing just one of prints, when they are quicker as there is no ‘warm up time’ as there usually is with laser printers.

Laser Printers are a more expensive to buy but the total cost of ownership is cheaper, especially for the large volume user. They also have a much larger paper handling capacity, holding around 250 sheets of A4 paper, and can b used by multiple users.

The Benefits of a All in One Printer

Multifunctional/All in One Printers – A multifunctional machine, also known as a MFP/all in one printer is a device that combines the functionality of a printer, copier, scanner and in some cases fax machine. The benefits of these machines include:

Cost Saving – Costs are reduced as you only need to purchase one machine and there are long-term savings because you will be buying fewer consumables.

Space Saving – As all the functions are combined into one machine an MFP/all in one printer can be postioned virtually anywhere in an office.

If you require a Mono (black and white) all in one printer then consider the following before making a selection:

  • How many users will need to use the machine?
  • Do you require fax?
  • Do you require wireless?
  • Do you require a flatbed scanner
  • Do you require network?
  • Do you need duplex scan and copy?
  • Do you require network?
  • What size ADF (automatic document feed) do you need?

If you require a Colour all in one printer then consider the following before making a selection:

  • Do you require a low or high volume MFP/all in one printer?
  • Do you require fax?
  • Do you require wireless?
  • Do you require A3?
  • Do you want to scan and copy in A3?
  • Do you require network?
  • Do you require duplex (double sided)?
  • Do you require duplex, copy and scan?
  • Do you need a large ADF (automatic document feed)?
  • Do you need an LCD (liquid crystal display)?
  • Do you require Bluetooth?

Duplex – Duplex printing or double-sided printing means that the product is capable of printing on both sides of the page, meaning you can reduce your paper cost by up to 50% and help the environment.

Wireless – Wireless allows you to locate the printer wherever you want without the need for messy network cables. It also gives you the freedom to work wherever you want to position the printer anywhere in the office.

Network – Network ready machine enables you to share the device amongst several users, saving money on multiple devices.

If you would like help in choosing the right printer, or just narrowing down the selection, then please phone us on 01594 810081 and we would be pleased to help. We also have access to independent printer reviews, so if you need to know what the best printer is or need to know which printer has the cheapest overall running costs, then please contact us.

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