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How to select the correct battery:

Energizer Ultimate Lithium & Duracell PowerPix

  • Ideal for all your digital devices
  • Ultimate Lithium AA lasts up to 7x longer in digital cameras*
  • Lasts 5.5 hours longer in MP3 players

*Versus leading alkaline (AA only), results vary by camera

Energizer Ultimate & Duracell Ultra M3

  • Super premium alkaline
  • Ideal for high tech devices
  • Ultimate provides 20% more power performance in MP3 players versus leading alkaline batteries, based on industry standard tests.

Energizer Ultra & Duracell Plus

  • Everyday alkaline
  • Ideal for most office, business and school devices
  • Provides dependable long lasting power

Energizer & Duracell Specialist Batteries

  • Ideal for all your electronic gadgets
  • AAAA for use in some Bluetooth headsets and some medical devices and alarms

Energiser & Duracell Rechargeables

  • The economical solution for power-hungry devices
  • Last up to 4x longre in digital cameras
  • Can be recharged 100′s of times
  • Save money with rechargeable batteries