Running a successful business or office relies on complete efficiency, because for every moment you lose to issues, problems or just things that shouldn’t happen is literally money flying out of the company bank account. There are many things that can help to increase the efficiency of a company and office, some that are obvious but some that can sometimes be overlooked.

Below, we take a look at the things that can impact on efficiency and the areas you should be looking at to make sure your office runs to the most efficient level possible.

Computers – A good computer system is often the spine of a company, especially in the modern business world as more and more things seem to be run by these machines. You must make sure that if your company relies on computers that you invest and continue to invest in machines and equipment, else you will only end up replacing them in the future when they go wrong or crash because they are cheap.

Quality Printer – A printer that jams, causes issues and just doesn’t work when you need it to, will slow you and your team down, because you will spend half of your day trying to make something print, scan or copy that should of literally taken minutes. Make sure you invest in a decent printer that will meet your needs and avoid using non branded cartridges because these can often cause problems.

Communication Tools – Without phone, email and fax, most businesses would come to a standstill, because although more and more businesses are now switching over to email, you still need to make sure that you have the correct communication tools in your office else you will end up losing new and current business because of having poor quality solutions.

Comfortable Furniture – If you and your staff are constantly sat awkwardly, have a workstation or chair at the wrong height or are not using reliable and comfortable office furniture then this will not only cause health problems but will also reduce the efficiency and productivity. It is impossible to complete a hard day’s work if you are shifting around on your seat or your desk is just not right, so it’s vital to make sure that your office furniture is spot on to increase efficiency in the office.

Paper – Without paper the office would stop working, because despite the whole world moving forward in terms of technology and communication, and promises of a “paperless office!” we all still use paper just as much as we ever did, for letters, filing and note taking, it’s still a crucial part of all operations.

Envelopes – And finally, not something you see on many lists but without them we would struggle to send even a letter, let alone goods or products. Try to make sure you have a range of sizes, types and weights of envelope in your office and you can also get them franked or already stamped to save time and some money in the long run.