We all use it, we all need it and quite often, we all run out of it when we need it the most, proving that even with massive leaps forward in technology and the Internet, we still need to use paper just as much as we did a few years ago. Paper is the one thing you will see in every office, with or without a computer, because whether you are writing notes or printing end of year accounts, all offices and businesses have to have paper.

Most businesses struggle to understand what kind, type and size of paper suits them best, with most new printers being able to handle more than just A4. You then also have to consider the quality necessary of the paper and also the cost of buying this kind of paper and whether it is really worthwhile.

The main things to think about when considering what paper you need include:

Quality Of Paper – The quality of paper is really important when it comes to choosing the type you need, because you need to understand what you require the paper for and then find the perfect paper solution. For example, if you are just printing reports you can use normal A4 75g/80g paper, but if you want to print photos to send to people then you will need photo quality paper, which makes the pictures look so much better.

Colour Of Paper – With so many colours of paper around, you no longer have to commit yourself to plain old white paper. You can also get different styles of paper which allows you to really do something different when sending out letters, brochures or any form of correspondence to your customers.  Using coloured paper is also useful to identify certain types of documents.  For instance, if you have a dedicated fax machine on which your Customer Orders send their orders, why not try using a coloured paper.  This way, you will ensure that those all important orders don’t get mixed up or buried on your desk!

Thickness Of Paper – If you are planning to print a lot of colour or are planning on sending letters out to important clients then you will need to consider using a thicker/heavy weight quality paper as this will mean that the ink will not “seep” through and the letter or correspondence will feel a little more professional on decent paper.

Size Of Paper – There are many types of paper when it comes to sizes, most commonly, A3, A4, A5 and A6 for photos, as if you need anything outside of these three main sizes then your printer might struggle to cope with it.

Amount Of Paper – If you know that you are going to use a lot of just one type and size of paper, then you can often save a lot of money buying in bulk, especially with online retailers. For example, if you know you are going to need basic A4 paper for your everyday needs, try to buy a few packs in one go to keep the costs down.

Once you have worked out the type of paper you need to suit your requirements, you can then begin the task of finding the right supplier for you. This is where the Internet comes into play, as you can find the best possible price quite quickly, although you should never forget to go and look at local suppliers as you should always try to support local business where possible, although usually by making your local office supplies company your first port of call, you will often find you need to look no further.